Chart Order Confirmations On with Bracket Order

I have disabled order confirmations from “Applications” settings. The DOM works fine one click with no confirmation with bracket orders on or off. However on a chart, if bracket orders are “OFF” there are no confirmation popups but if bracket orders are “ON” there is a confirmation popup. This is an expensive Bug in fast moving market.
Please advise how to disable or fix the bug.
many thanks.


Hey Boomer…did you ever figure out how to get rid of the confirmations when trading from chart w/bracket orders on?


Please fix this. It’s a huge problem.

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Hi Voodoo and Evan Palmer, no actually if you use a bracket and enter with market button at top i have stopped the confirmations but not when placing order directly on chart…
I have JigSaw and use that dom most of the time now. you can see it on my youtube channel if interested. “Futures Trading QI” I stream live trades daily.
all the best