Shortcuts and other Suggestions

  1. It would be nice to use shortcut to choose which Bracket I want. Lets say I have 3 brackets configured and I could use specific shortcuts for each one of them.

1.1) When we change the Bracket, please automatically chance the number of Contracts based on the Bracket. If I have a bracket with 2 TP and 2 SL, automatically change the contracts to 2 (instead of manually changing them)

  1. The Chart Trade option to Buy or Sell could be made available only when Mouse Clicking with a specif key pressed (maybe control or shiff, like Tradestation is doing). I love your ability to drag the chart from everywhere I click, but sometimes when I click, it accidentally prompts to open a trade instead of draging the chart.

2.1) It could be even faster if clicking with Ctrl is always a buy and when clicking with Shit is always a sell (or giving us the ability to choose).

  1. I would like to be able to customize the number of Contracts I normally Trade, instead of manually writing them all the time if I am not working with one of your pre-defined contracts.

  2. I cant find a way to measue the number of ticks or points the market has made in a swing (like the Measure in Tradingview and Sierra Chart).

  3. I would like to place an OCO order from the chart after I have an open trade.
    Lets say I entered at market with bracket orders, but then I cancelled the Open Orders by mistake and now I have no way to place OCO TP and SL again.

  4. Please give us the ability to see child order only after parent order has been filled.
    If I place 3 Buy Limit orders bellow price, I get too many lines on my chart that are not working yet (child orders).

  5. Also it would be nice if we could quickly change number of contracts to our liking with shortcuts.