Hide Brackets Limit/Stop while initial Order is not filled

Placing a bracket order instantly shows all corresponding target limits and stops.

When placing two bracket orders, the graph is really cluttered and I often mistake the limit/stops of the other breaket from the initial order (accidentally deleting the wrong order from the chart).

I’d rather not see the limit/stop orders until the inital bracket order is executed.

This feature might be added as a checkbox to each bracket setup, as some might want this as it is right now.

I completely agree… It would be nice for the bracket orders to not appear, or even generate until your order is filled. For people that use market orders I am sure it is fine. For those of us who use limit orders to enter a trade, it gets very tricky. If you are a scalper it makes the bracket feature not even usable because I have to worry about the wrong order getting hit.

Great idea here.

The target orders are not active until the inital order is filled (at least in simulation mode, I am currently just testing). :wink: So you do not have to worry here.

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Oh wow - You are correct!

I just tested it and there is a little + next to the order and it does not become active until the entry order is filled.

Great programming on their part… Very nice feature.

Thanks for the heads up! :slight_smile:

yes i agree with option to hide or to show. sometimes i like to see my stop and exit price in position but sometimes i prefer not to see it so i could go through all pending order quickly