Issue with bracket orders

I have an issue when placing bracket orders, which hasn’t been addressed here yet, so I’m wondering whether it is expected functionality or not:

I had two separate long micro ES trades open (shown on the screenshot below as long position #1 and long position #2) with the following bracket order settings: SL: 100 points/later removed entirely, Break-even: 3 points, Offset: 2 points.

Once the price reached the BE+2 point level for long position #2, it was seemingly the long position #1 that was closed with a realized loss. The #2 position seemingly remained active, without having closed in the green.

My guess as to why this is happening is that in actuality, sell stops are not linked to individual orders considering the way CME functions, or perhaps the issue is that a micro ES position is only a fractional ES position, but this still doesn’t explain why in this example the #1 position was closed, and the #2 position remained active, even though it was the position #2 SL that was triggered.

I’ve only been trading with a demo account and don’t know whether this would be replicated on a live account.

Thanks in advance for any help…

I had to completely abandoned Tradovate because of their bracket issues. If you use brackets you MUST click exit and close before placing new orders. I love everything about Tradovate but the bracket issue is a dealbreaker. Tradovate should be embarrassed with their limited bracket functionality. And it’s totally unacceptable to have these “phantom” left over orders if you break the bracket. This has happened to me numerous times while testing brackets. If there is an open order it should show it on the chart but doesn’t. I moved back to NinjaTrader. I didn’t even bother opening a ticket with Tradovate because now I’m the beta tester and this stuff needs to be tested to the max before letting people use it for live trading.