Using Reverse & Cxl with Brackets?

Hey all,

I’m hoping someone might have an answer or better yet a workaround for this issue.

I noticed that when I’m have brackets turned on, using the Reverse & Cxl doesn’t
respect the brackets.

As an example, let’s assume I am in a long trade with TP 16 ticks up and SL at 32 ticks down.
The trade moves up 12 ticks and then I get a signal to go short (from an indicator let’s say).
When I click Reverse & Cxl, it does (obviously) successfully close the long trade, but
when it enters a new short trade, there are no TP/SL brackets set.

Is there a way within the current Tradovate framework that Reverse & Cxl will apply
the brackets? Or,

Does anyone know if designing a custom trading interface with tradovate’s API would
allow me to achieve this?

Thanks to any and all who respond.