Automatic Bracket Cancellation when Opposite Market Order is sent

When trading with 2-leg brackets and without waiting for the brackets to get triggered I send an opposite market order to close out of the trade, but it ends up leaving on the DOM total of 4 trades, 2 for the initial order and the other 2 for the market order I closed the trade with. Mind you I also trade fractals and those are on the DOM at all times so once I cancel all for those bracket orders, I then have to manually put out those fractal limit orders again on the DOM. I could do an exit market & cancel all but then there are times I am trading double trades at different entry prices, and I just want to get out of one of those trades, so I would have to use buy/sell market in which case I will need to cancel several bracket limit orders manually which is super risky when trading in a volatile market.

I really do not see any purpose those brackets serving on the DOM once you are already out of the trade those brackets were intended to get you out of. So, having brackets lingering on the DOM after already being out of the trade those brackets were set for, puts the trader in a very precarious situation.

I am encountering a similar situation, just a bit simpler, though… I am using a stop loss just for safety in case some crazy news comes out that throws the market violently in an undesirable direction. I usually like to set a limit order or hit the Bid/Ask instead of Exit at Market & Cxl. When my Limit/Bid/Ask order is filled, it leaves my Stop order open on the DOM - which, to quote you, is ‘precariously’ dangerous. I wish there was and option in the drop-down for “Exit w Limit and Cxl”

I am also seeing similar behavior. I would also like a “Exit w Limit and Cxl”