Autocancel outstanding orders once last open contract closed

Could you please add a setting that will automatically cancel all my outstanding orders (SL and TP) once I exit my last contract.

I believe that is what the Bracket OCO (one cancels other) is for.

Cheers MadCat, but that is not exactly what I need.

For example, activating the brackets, if I decide to TP before the TP bracket order is reached by clicking the DOM and adding another order that new order will in turn create more standing orders because of the bracket rule when it gets executed (not sure if I am explaining myself well enough).

Also, I don’t use brackets as I don’t like to set fixed TP/SL levels.

You can always adjust the TP or SL that was created with a bracket on the DoM or on the Chart its self , You are not locked in with the initial placement. You don’t have to place another TP to take profit earlier, just click and drag the original TP to the location you want.

I think i do understand, you want it to assume you are done trading when there are no positions active and Clear all orders like this button does,

yes, but I occasionally enter other unrelated orders which I also want closed once my trade is closed.

I have used it on other platforms and thought it shouldn’t be such a hard feature to implement?