Help needed with mean reversion pair trading

I’m working on a mean reversion strategy which involves pair trading the ES & NQ with hedged positions. Here are a few issues.

  1. Is there is a way to open both positions at once? Buying/selling one with a limit then automatically filling the other at market. I’d like to set the limit order by hand & have the other order filled automatically at market.

  2. Check open P/L. If open profit is more than say $1000 close all positions or if open loss it greater than $300 close all positions. Would work like the daily loss limit & daily profit trigger but for open P/L. If this feature exists I’d be grateful to find out how.

I hope this post makes sense. Appreciate you taking the time to read/respond to this.

You can do all of this using our API. However, you will need to gain access to the API first, and if you are not a technically oriented person it may also make sense to hire a developer. Our documentation is mostly in the JavaScript programming language, so I would suggest looking for a person familiar with using web API’s with the JS language.

Alternatively, you can learn to do this on your own. If you want to take the journey, or if you want to provide documentation to a hired developer, I can share helpful Tradovate API-related material.

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Thanks for the reply Alexander,

I use to be a PHP/JS developer so I guess it’s time to brush up on my JavaScript skills & learn NodeJS.

Time to make a big pot of coffee & read some documentation.