Group trade with bracket orders!

while i agree with the comments on this topic and it would be nice to have this feature what i do is just set a limit order well below the price (for example if im going long my limit sell order will already be on the chart or DOM well below the entry price. if im going to do a quick scalp i also have a limit sell above the entry price ready… buy bid or market , enter trade then slide your loss and tp into place

I think that just about everyone and their dog knows how to manually place stops. This isn’t about that, we want bracket orders on group trades. Absolutely essential to be able to place a SL and TP the instant the order gets hit if you’re a scalper or trading a volatile market.

This is essential, not only the configuration but also triggering it from other platforms like Tradingview

Sadly, this is not a nice to have, this is a necessity. On fast moving markets, it could be the difference between a small loss or a catastrophic one.

Multibracket Orders is need for account group please !

Bracket orders are a must-have for group trading!

As a trader, I don’t want to change my strategy or trade placement flow using a feature like this. If I need to change what I’m doing to trade a group, i.e manually place my SL+TP, I may as well place the trades on the individual accounts to ensure my brackets are received. On the chart, an SL+TP cost me 4 mouse clicks plus latency time to get them positioned where I’d like (as though I’d used a bracket). If I can manage to tab between trading accounts, it costs me 1 mouse click to get the bracket in. Will the market immediately rip beyond where I’d place a stop? Most of the time, no. But might it do that? Absolutely. That’s why I only trade with brackets.

When can we get this?

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Super dissapointing that this isn’t available. Almost a deal breaker! Can we get a response as to whether or not you guys are working on this? Thanks.

Hey, Group trade with bracket orders please!

It is such a pain to manage different accounts one by one flipping back and forth to make trades. I have already messed up once before with a group and manually placing stops. It’s not fun waking up the next day seeing that a previous stop loss that was not canceled was hit and your are underwater :grimacing:

I make sure to hit exit all now, but sure would of been nice to have brackets!

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Tradovate team, please add bracket orders function on Group trade!

Please add the bracket order to the trade copier so we can have auto stops! Trading funded accounts with auto-stop placement in fast-moving markets is essential for any trader’s long-term success. It can’t be that hard to do. Can we help code it? I am a dev with 20 years of experience and would gladly help code it in.

+100000 we need this feature to be able to auto manage trades.exits