Mobile group trade + Group bracket orders

I am planning to trade multiple Apex accounts. However, 90% of my trading is done using my phone or tablet because of my occupation (truck driver). The mobile app does not have the group trade feature to do this. I’d like to see the group trade feature brought to mobile, and also the ability to use bracket orders while group trading.

On a side note, the group trade feature clearly could be far more robust and intuitive. Not really a complaint, since it is free. Certain features would be nice though. The ability to trade minis on one account, while copying micros to another, is a great example. Setting defined profit targets for some accounts, but not others (the idea being that you can take profits on some accounts while letting others run) would be another idea. With a number of great features, I wouldn’t mind even paying a reasonable fee for its use.

One more side note…I agree with those complaining about charging for indicators. It should never happen. While I don’t use those indicators, and I am grandfathered in, they are pretty basic indicators that do not stand out or set Tradovate apart from any other platform, so why charge for them?

+1 for mobile group trading support.

Also @Nathan_Clarey you can open the website, request desktop mode, and you’ll have access on your mobile device to group trading. I use an ipad and it works just as well as a full desktop. Navigating with a small cell phone its not really possible

+1 for mobile group trading. I’m often unable to get online properly because of work, would love to send orders to both my ETF accounts at the same time versus just one, or switching between the two.

+1 for group trade on mobile browser! That’ll be awesome!

We need group bracket orders. Professional traders do not want to be in trades in multiple accounts without a stop order… What is more important than this to you guys?

Yes to this 1000% No idea why bracket orders are not available for group trading makes no sense. Cowboys let’s go!

I’m a FedEx guy bought multiple Apex evals and now can’t trade them both bc of this … #fail

This definitely. Also allow on tradingview.