Urgent: bracket orders with groups

Everyone we are being ignored and this is the MOST REQUESTED Feature for Tradovate. I think it’s ridiculous that they can’t seem to add bracket to the group trading. The most essential feature needed to trade. Everyone continue emailing info@tradovate.com over n over till they do something. Sadly, I can’t switch to any other platform since my prop firms uses Tradovate. But something needs to be done!! and it’s not right for us to be ignored. Especially this forum which has over 84 votes!! @Alexander @BWeis


Yes, this would make life so much easier. With all these prop firm accounts, I am surprised that they haven’t done this already. I am amazed no one has done anything legal due to the loss of bad integrations.

@Salaar No one is answering. I don’t think they are making anymore updates to Tradovate. It might be a dead project. I think we need to start looking to get away from it for good.

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it is really sad. Tradovate/Ninjatrader web platform works a lot better for me than ninja’s PC version. Seeing the company abandon the users in the dvelopment of new features or helping the community development is frustraring and difficult to understand

I agree! That’s why I will be moving away and get something else. Tradovate will go down and they’ll end up discontinuing it. Everyone should boycott Tradovate!! If you can’t do a simple group bracket order and we’re being ignored we have the POWER to end this. I’m so pissed. :rage:

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