Group trade with bracket orders!

EVERYONE - No one is answering. I don’t think they are making anymore updates to Tradovate. It might be a dead project. I think EVERYONE need to start looking to get away from it for good. This can cost us all a lot of money for not having this feature… and worse they don’t even care to respond.

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Please add this to the platform. Thanks!

Why they don’t even respond after a few years. it looks fishy.

Yes, PLEASE add this!! If I had know about this limitation before getting my (currently) 14 Tradeovate APEX accounts I would have chosen NinjaTrader. I don’t believe APEX lets one switch over to NinjaTrader once you’ve completed a Tradeovate evaluation, but if they did I would. PLEASE ADD this!

We are not being ignored, they’ve made a deliberate decision to not have this feature. It can be implemented, they don’t want to. Why? That’s the question.