Eurex hourly data to start on the hour

The hourly candlesticks currently (as of 1st November) when the Eurex markets open at the beginning of the week at 00.10 and progress throughout the week at 01.10, 02.10 and so on.

With respect to the TPO charts the session parameters can only be set at 30 minute increments, i.e.: hh:00 or hh:30. The Eurex markets have a “pre-cash” session between 0700 and 0800 and a main “cash” session beginning at 0800. This can be confirmed by increases in trading volume at 0700 and 0800. Thus, a session for say FGBL (Bund futures), although configured to begin at 0800 actually starts at 0810. As a result, the Initial Balance for the session is effectively delayed by 10 minutes on the TPO chart.

Would it be possible to align the hourly candlesticks (and also the 30 minute candlesticks) to start on the hour and / or allow the session in TPO charts to be configured to reflect when trading sessions begin?

Thanks in advance!