Demo account disabled due to inactivity

Hello all, I purchased a Topstep Trading Combine a few months ago and chose Tradovate as my preferred Platform. Yesterday I decided to start the challenge and got the following error message: Your demo account has been disabled due to inactivity.

Anyone else perhaps had the same problem? Tradovate Help redirects me to Topstep but it seems they are very busy and my message hasn’t even been read yet. I’m not sure if there’s a fix on the Tradovate side that can get me up and running again. I can log into Tradovate and my Topstep account is visible on the trading dashboard.

Any assistance or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Same here! Are they scammer?

This is not an issue with Tradovate. APEX, TopStep, etc “revoked your permissions”. And you have to contact your prop firm. They placed a hold on your account; likely you need to reset your account. And they won’t answer your support requests if you don’t have an active account. Not to mention the Tradovate message “disabled due to inactivity” is very confusing and bewildering. Also, be sure to logout of Tradovate, not just close the browser tab. Or you may unintentionally leave a trade open or be trading when you thought you were on Paper Trade.