ATM settings erased, Demo account auto reset

On sunday 6pm EST the platform was unstable, crashed twice so I quit trying to trade. Today monday 10am I find all my ATMs are gone. Custom indicator are not loaded. I exit and log back in, problem persist.
Also, I just logged into demo and noticed my demo account has been reset to 50K. WTH is going on??

ATMs are the auto trade management, bracket orders for take profit and stop loss. Same here, I put a bit of money to try it out but so far the platform has crashed multiple times in live sessions and demo, the indicators disappear, my desktop setups are not saved and now they charge for the most basic stuff. Tradovate is on its last leg.

I don’t know. I took all my money out. There are way too many other better options. I have accounts with TDA, TradeStation and for discount brokerage AMP with quantower