Correction to bad data

I understand there was problems with the data on Thursday and Friday.

I was under the impression the problem has been fixed. It seem like there are still holes in the data and some of it is incorrect… Will you be back filling & fixing this?

I am sure you already are aware, but it you look at a 15 minute chart there are huge holes & if you look at a daily the low is wrong 3352.75 is listed as the low on Friday when it was in fact 3447.75. (ESU0)

Also - I assume that volume profile and TPO and not correct as well?? Those are a little harder to pin down as they differ a bit from data feed to feed.

Please let us know - Thanks

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Hey Donovan,

These problems are common problems with CQG, which is (currently) the only feed Tradovate offers (and a relatively outdated one).

Since Tradovate is simply an IB handling your account (but not your data) they can’t really do anything about this. You’d need to (should!) either take it up with CQG directly, or get Tradovate to forward this issue to CQG for you.


Thanks for the reply…

I notice it had been a month and no one from Tradovate ever bothered to answer.

At least someone took the time :slight_smile:

Hi Donovan!

No problem, you’re welcome! :smiley:

In their defense (regarding not getting a reply) I think they’re still a tiny operation (I’ve only ever had correspondence with their CEO and COO, one or both of which do customer support) so they may not have the time/manpower to answer every query or email yet - at least not in my experience. So be patient.

Just appreciate they do have a fairly revolutionary offer (commission free trading with membership!) so I think they definitely deserve all the chances they can get. Coming to the market with a new concept is almost always a risky and rocky road for a startup, so that’s worth bearing in mind! Even Google was just founded by 2 guys in garage. Oh and so was Apple. And Amazon… :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re currently hellbent on CQG as their only data & order routing option, and for some reason think that it’s still a great feed (it’s not - at least not anymore). At least that’s what I gathered from correspondence with them and the forums. So they downplay/disregard/ignore evidence to the contrary, even when people are riling (like with the recent big outage). They might just have some sort of exclusion deal with CQG right now but what do I know…

If you’d like to see better data options offered, I can think of no better than Sierrachart’s Denali feed and order routing (which uses TT-FIX), both directly colocated at the exchanges. Both are highly reliable, none of this CQG stuff happens there and it’s only like an extra $5 a month or so and at least the charting package (Sierrachart) and Denali datafeed is already supported by Tradovate so that solves at least some of the issues. They just don’t support the built-in TT order routing yet, sadly. But if you’re interested in changing that, please support the forum thread by posting a reply here and upvoting! Allow for Sierra Chart Order Routing

Hope that helps and fingers crossed! :slight_smile:
Best Regards,