Click and drag to adjust trailing SL

I like to manually enter trades but I have a trailing SL with every order I make. I want to be able to click and drag to tighten or loosen this trailing SL as the market moves against or with me. Sometimes I just want to tighten it up to take all of the profit I can.

If there is another way to achieve what I am trying to do then let me know. Right now I have to close my SL order and open a new one but this doesn’t work well because I am trying to do things very very fast.

I currently use SL only bracket orders to enter positions. I do not like to set take profit points. I only want to use the trailing stop feature to do the work for me.

Sometimes I average in. I buy say 10 contracts at a time until the market stops moving against me. Then I flip over to take profit mode- I have to manually adjust the bracket order size to match the amount of contracts that I have open. Hopefully simply allowing us to slide our trailing stop point up or down will avoid all of this. (I trade using the price graph, not the DOM)