Beta Chart “Zoom Out Limit” increase Request

I want to be able to “Zoom out” and see all the allowed time (Which on Tradovate it is 2 weeks worth) on any time frame I choose to trade.

This is how the Legacy chart works and why I trade on the Legacy Chart exclusively. I need (and I assume others too) to be able to zoom out on my trading charts and see the bigger picture of the market to draw trend lines and just get the over all view. If i’m limited to only seeing a few hours or a few minutes at a time this platform becomes unusable.

Plus, because of this issue your “Pivot Point” indicator will not work because it can’t read previous days data to plot current days Pivot points.

I trade on fast printing charts like 133 tick and Range charts set to 2, and i’m literally limited to only being able to view 7 minutes of the market at a time using this new Beta chart.

This is just getting ridiculous.

The Beta Chart seems to be limited by the number of bars printed and the Legacy chart was limited to actual Time (2 weeks of data). Please go back to the 2 week of data limit on the zoom feature for the new Beta chart.