What does "frequency" in the auto trail feature mean?

I just noticed there is an auto trail and auto breakeven + auto trail feature in the bracket order settings.
Must be new, because I’ve never seen it before and couldn’t find any documentation on it.

Anyways, how does it work? What does frequency mean?


dont know if it works but this is how it works

Stop Loss Sets the value of the stop loss order as an offset
Frequency Sets the value of how frequent the stop loss order is adjusted
Profit Trigger Sets the amount of profit required to trigger the initial stop loss adjustment for the step
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[Profit trigger] is how much to move FIRST, BEFORE updating stops at all. after this trigger stops are updated every [Frequency] points, by [Stop Loss] points…
[Frequency] is in points, how many points it has to move until it updates the stop
[Stop Loss] how much to move the stop, when the profit frequency is is reached