Bracket Orders That Allow For Runners

The bracket order system works very nicely, but sometimes the market moves so fast that I don’t have time to adjust my Take Profit order and reduce the number of Take Profit contracts. For example, If I enter the market with 4 contracts, the bracket order also assigns 4 contracts to the Take Profit, but what if I only want the Take Profit to have 3 orders, leaving the 4th as a potential runner? This would work great with the auto-breakeven system already in place. Thanks for all the great coding work you do!

This is how i set up a Bracket order to have one set target and one runner.

I agree the ability to trail a stop is very useful a custom ATM like in Ninja whereby you can set frequency of trailing stop movement (stop loss trails so many ticks, frequency at what point the trailing stop starts moving and trigger when it makes first move)