Brackets with multiple profit triggers

Like Ninja Traders strategys(Brackets) allow for a user to preset 3 or more profit triggers
ie) bracket with take profit after 5 ticks but the position moves 40 ticks at that point i would like the breakeven to automatically be moved up.

Like this

Add a 2nd , 3rd 4th profit trigger for each target

I’m talking about something different multiples profit triggers for the same target so target#1 has 3 or 4 like ninja trader has. So when.a position moves 50 ticks he stop can move multiple times automatically. Instead of just to BE after 5 ticks adding to profit trigger #1 after 20 ticks move from BE to BE+15 after 49 ticks move to BE+45

More clarification on this here is the ninja bracket with a stop strategy
the initial stop loss is 7 ticks breakeven at 7 ticks plus 1 after 20 ticks move the stop up to {price-1} this will repeat every 20 ticks 10 times