Using Tradovate’s Spotlight Search Feature

What is Tradovate’s Spotlight Search Feature?

Spotlight is a Tradovate feature that allows you to search for a wide variety of commands and other features from the Tradovate Trader application instantly. Just about any feature in the Trader application is at the tips of your fingers when using Spotlight. Each feature type has an icon to go with it, so you can tell at a glance what type of resource you are interacting with.

To open Spotlight Search in Trader, press ALT+S on Windows, or OPTION+S on Mac.

When you begin typing in the search box, suggestions will begin to appear in a drop-down list.

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Quickly Find Quote Information

You can search for quote information by typing a symbol name, or the full name of a stock you’re interested in. Below you can see what the term ‘nasdaq’ yields. Search results for quote information are sorted by relevance - this means we will see the most current contracts listed first. Quotes are identified by the Info ‘i’ icon.

Easily Find Articles and Walkthroughs

We can ask the Spotlight search bar questions, such as ‘how to roll forward?’, or ‘how do I use market replay?’. Searches such as these will yield FAQs and walk-me guides. You can identify an FAQ by the ‘Z’ icon, and walk-me guides by the man-walking icon.

Walk-me guides are a way to interactively step through the process of a given task. The best way to understand them is to try them out!

Configure Indicators and Custom Drawing Tools

We can search for our favorite tools using Spotlight, as well. Both drawing tools and indicators can be searched for - look for the ‘+’ or cog icons for indicators (there are also some novel icons for built-in indicators). Built-in drawing tools will have icons relative to their function, while custom drawing tools have no icon.

Find Community Topics and Shared Content

You can find posts to the Tradovate community forums using Spotlight as well. You can identify these pages by their speech-bubble-like icons.

You can also find shared content, such as indicators, drawing tools, themes and workspaces developed by other traders. Shared content items have the ‘share’ icon and a right-aligned author by-line, as shown in the figure below.

Trader Actions

You can jump to specific Trader application actions as well. These will typically have the Settings icon and be followed by the right-aligned subtitle ‘App’.

Other Features

There are a few other features Spotlight Search has to offer.

If the location of the Spotlight search bar isn’t ideal you can simply move it. Just click and drag the search bar to a new location.

You can click the Search the Tradovate YouTube to search your query against the Tradovate YouTube channels, and if all else fails, you can search your query against the web using Google.

Check Out Spotlight Today

Although it’s a lesser known feature, Spotlight Search is available for use right now. You can take advantage of this feature today and empower your Tradovate Trader experience. Spotlight can really make your life a lot easier - it’s a one-stop window into just about everything the Trader application has to offer. Try it today!