Trying to set up the API using the tutorial

I’m trying to set up the API using the tutorial file for JS, but around lesson 4 I’ve hit a snag…

I’m supposed to get a button back on my browser when I run localhost:8080 but i still get an error; I’ve noticed also that the files for each lesson are in the of the original example folder… Should i be creating a new file and amending each one as the lessons progress, or should I group all new lessons onto the starting files…


Could you please post the error message you are receiving? That would help me understand what’s going on a little better.

As you follow along through the tutorial series, you build on each previous step, so some of the code comes from the last example. The example files are incomplete on their own, but as you read through the lesson it will walk through how to achieve the final product. Each ‘EX-’ folder is its own ‘chapter’ where you start with a bit of the previous lesson and build on it to learn something new about the API. Each of the ‘EX-’ folders should be treated as an individual project that you can run from the root of that folder. You also have to yarn install from each root before you can start running the code.

As the examples become more complicated (in the WebSockets portion), you’ll notice the lessons are separated into a boilerplate-like folder, and a second almost identical folder with the ‘-Solution’ suffix. The Solution is a finished version of the boilerplate, and the non-solution folder is the code-along part.

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the response.

I’ve been following the examples down to a tee but around Example 4 we’re supposed to get a button on running localhost, and I still get an error message.

Here’s a copy of the screenshot.

I was wondering if that was because I should rename the credential file from tutorialCred… to just Cred… or if its something else

Hmm I can’t manage to reproduce this behavior. Also, that error is very strange. Are you using something like require instead of import for an imported file declaration?