Error id: b22cd1f5-d181-4eb7-af19-35d33c43ed10

Hello. I was trying to set API and got error message. error id: b22cd1f5-d181-4eb7-af19-35d33c43ed10 My programmer can no longer get into the original API and asked me to create 2nd API key. When I tried to create, it gave such an error.
Any idea what this is error id is and what caused her to lose the access?

Thank you.

Hello @Takht,

Please ensure that you’ve followed along with our How Do I Access the API guide. Also make sure that you include all of the permissions that your programmer requires for the key that you create. If this doesn’t work, please follow up and I’ll be happy to assist further.

I have not been able to access the API. I’ve followed the proscribed steps. I am looking to communicate with a code developer. How to make contact?

Hi @Martin_Gerst,

Could you please explain in more detail what problem you’re experiencing? Are you receiving an error message when you attempt to access the API?

first it said that I had input the wrong passcode, but I did not.

I have code we wrote to Tradovate’s API a couple years ago; when I open the GUI for it, I get a message that I cannot access market data

Would you please tell me of any coders who I might work with who are familiar with Tradovate’s API?

btw, is there a way to communicate more rapidly than posting here?

It sounds like you may need to hire someone if you need a programmer to help you finish an application, but I will try to help you however I can.

First, it sounds like your market data subscription may need to be updated. That’s likely why it says you don’t have access to market data.

Things have also changed in the last few years. We have a dedicated process for users to sign up for API access now. In order to do so, you must have a funded Live Account with a minimum balance of $1000. Additionally you must purchase a subscription to access the API. This is all outlined in the document in my response to @Takht above.

Can you also please tell me what URLs you are using to attempt to access the API?

I have such an account with live market data.

I followed the instructions provided and have told you of the results.

If you know of anyone who I might work with, please let me know.

As to the code we wrote in 2019, the guys at Tradovate said that the code should still work. Is that not so?

Hi Alexander.
I followed all those instructions (meets the subscription and account size) and still gives me the error. I deleted the API Key and tried to create a new API Key, and gave me another error code: 54266c5d-1967-436d-8309-576afa5620e6

Thank you,

We’ve changed the URLs associated with the API since then.

  • - for using the API in simulation mode.
  • - for using the API with a funded account.
  • wss:// and wss:// - for using the standard realtime API with a websocket in simulation or live mode.
  • wss:// - for using the real-time Market Data API with a websocket
  • wss:// - for using the Market Replay API with a websocket.

I’d advise looking over this guide to using the API with JavaScript. We also have an API FAQ page here that includes working code examples and explains some of issues you may experience while using the API.

@Takht, although you’re getting an error message, correct me if I’m wrong, but an API key is still created? Do you see the key listed in the API Access tab in Application Settings? If so you can confirm that it works by clicking the API Doc link at the bottom of the key.

If you click the Authorize button and you see that you are authorized, it should still work.

Hi Alexander,

No. After the 1st API gave the error message, I deleted it and tried to create 2nd API. This time, I cannot even create the API.