Trade Markers

Creating markers or shapes to be able to mark where trades were taken for later reference. There are currently no markets to put on the chart to label where trades took place for later reference.

An easily solution besides adding markers or shapes to label manually would be to just leave the default trade markers on the chart permanently. But currently they are deleted by the system after that trading day is over. So I can never easily go back and view my trades on the chart once the markers are deleted and there is no way for me to manually mark.

I concur, there was another post about it as a feature request #12 on their list…

Though the current solution is to screenshot your performance once your session is done

+1. Just a simple up arrow down arrow that could be customized would be great. As a workaround you could always draw a quick triangle with the multi-point shape tool (pain in the rear) or just simply drop a W or L with the text function.