TPO POC Line extension

I believe I’ve found a bug in the latest web update ( I haven’t used the desktop version lately)
This was working in the previous releases where the TPO POC gets projected to the Y price axis on the right

Desktop version with the exact same settings
The Volume POC line extension doesnt extend to the right.

Notice that for the same chart the yellow lines are missing for the desktop version while the TPOC POC green faded lines are present.
The TPO POC line are missing from the web version while the yellow POC lines are present.

Version 1.210226.0 Window desktop version
Like Julio the TPO chart extended POCs are no longer showing for me either.

Thanks guys. This was submitted to the team to fix

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Thank you. Can’t wait for this to be fixed.

We have a fix for this issue. It will be coming in the release following the weekend of 03/36/2021


Hi Brian. Did this get into the latest version yet?