TPO chart incorrect after US clocks change

Opened the charts today after the US clocks went forward this weekend and the final hour was missing (as shown in chart picture). The TPO chart should end with letters M & N. Period M (15:30-16:00), followed by the fifteen minute futures over run in N period (16:00-16:30).

My TPO chart below was set to stop at 16:30 but I have now had to change it to stop at 17:30 (as shown in settings below), to see the N period. The A period start was still correct though.

Note. I live in the UK, our clocks don’t go forward for another couple of weeks so our timezone offset has changed by an hour, but I do have my computer set to US Eastern to in theory prevent that issue, so not sure if that is relevant or not.

Chart missing the last hour:

Chart with the last hour shown correctly:

Settings changed:

We are looking into a possible issue with custom sessions and the time change.


It seems that there is no work around this. If we move it forward 1 hour, the O period for that maintenance period between RTH and AH disappears.

we’d really appreciate it if it could be fix soon although I use candle charts as back up.


If I move it forward 1 hour, it crops out N and O period for the regular hours.
Green TPO

How I had it before time changed .
The TPO Extension for the POC is not working as I mentioned in other post as well, see settings
TPO POC Line extension - Tradovate Forum

We’re testing a fix for that issue and will push with our next update


I wonder if it Is fixed in the update that was released yesterday 3/19?

Thank you

This fix will be released with our release this weekend (03/26/2021)