Symbol is inaccessible & Market Data Subscription

I got issue when trying to get historical tick data.
Error response:
a[{“s”:200,“i”:1695641190,“d”:{“errorText”:“Symbol is inaccessible”,“errorCode”:“UnknownSymbol”,“mode”:“None”}}]

Symbol: “MBTU3”,
ChartDescription: ChartDescription{
UnderlyingType: “Tick”,
ElementSize: 1,
ElementSizeUnit: “UnderlyingUnits”,
WithHistogram: false,
TimeRange: TimeRange{
ClosestTimestamp: Time{end},
AsFarAsTimestamp: Time{start},

I also have another issue when try to place order. It says that I need to update market data subscription and place new trade.
Thank you for any help!

You need to pay $407 to CME as non professional fee.