Ruler and ratio ruler

I would like to see a Ruler to measure points or ticks. There is a nice one on Ninja Trader where you start wtih a dot, extend a line, then can extend any number of lines from the origin.
Also, along with the ruler concept, it would be nice to have a TP ration (1:1 – 1:2 – etc.) ruler.
Thank you.

TradingView has some nice tools that do this as well, something to reference for a Tradovate version.


That example looks like it would be very useful. This would be an excellent addition.

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This looks helpful as well. Simply being able to draw an “extended line” — dot to dot to dot would be helpful in many ways (and part of this would be the ruler tool and the 1:x ration tool). I want to draw, for example, a Wolfe or a 123 bounce line – I am new, but feel that I would need 3 -x different “lines” instead of being able to extend the line(S) point-to-point.

Are you talking something like this?

You should take a screen shot of what you’re referring to to help iterate your point.

yes we allready have something to forecast the operation we just need the detail of amounts that could be used as a ruler please please at least the details…

Voting for this feature to be developed and added to Tradovate’s drawing tool.