"RSI Cloud [DW]" or "Multi-RSI Trend Indicator" for Tradovate?

Do we know if there are any RSI cloud-related indicators in Tradovate? I found two in TradingView:

  1. Multi-RSI Trend Indicator, i.e. Multi-RSI Trend Indicator by bursatrader — TradingView and
  2. RSI Cloud [DW], i.e. RSI Cloud [DW] — Indicator by DonovanWall — TradingView).

I wondered if we have any similar ones in Tradovate.

Thank you,

Try wonder cloud. I can’t remember who created it. Holla back if need be and I can search tomorrow and get more specific.

Hi Jack, thanks for your message. There’re a few community indicators titled similarly to ‘wonder cloud’, but none of them renders RSI algorithms. They’re showing various moving average methods. Could you be more specific, please?

My apologies. I read and responded to your message from bed at like 2 am last night and obviously didn’t read it well enough. You are correct that the LTD Wonder Cloud that I use is based off of MA’s and not RSI. Sorry I could not be more helpful.

Good evening/afternoon, community – here’s a similar output produced by the above TradingView indicators. Perhaps the Tradovate repository has alternative indicators titled somehow else? In simple terms, I’m looking at two RSI lines (14 and 250) filled depending on which RSI is greater. Any thoughts?