Risk Management P and L High Water Mark % Give Back Lock


Could you consider adding the ability for the system to monitor p & l high water mark for the day?

Then allow us to set a min daily goal (we input a dollar amount) of which when meet for the day, the below would then start to apply.

Then allow for us to input if X % (say if we give back 50% from the high water mark) of the high water mark for the day is given back then close all positions and lock the account for the day/session?

A option tick box to calculate the p & l on open and closed together OR just closed positions too would be a great option otherwise just on open/closed total together on high p & l.

Similar to the stop loss lock you have in place now as a option…

Let me know?



P.S. I know there is a straight up Profit lock feature but looking to enhance the flexibility.