Daily Profit AM/PM Lockout

After crashing & burning last week I finally discovered my current favorite feature. The daily profit lockout. Im still learning but Often Ill over trade after hitting a decent goal. Only to give it back.

Since Ive never heard of a profit lockout trigger until last weekend but all I ever hear about is stop losses but not the other sort of risk management to protect your daily gains. Recently Ill hit goals before noon, But would love to jump back in for last 90 mins of the session.

I think a lot of us could benefit from a daily profit lockout 1 hour timer or less or set to a certain unlock time feature. I know the obvious answer is to walkaway. But some of us that are still learning could really benefit while establishing a safer TIMED strategy & generating more fees overall while keeping a traders career alive longer as opposed to drained & burned out faster. My 2 cents on a nuanced risk management feature.

you are not alone I walked away… from trading futures lol, cause I cannot walk away without giving my profits away, I only come back to it to see if they have added it to the platform, once they do I’ll probably come back, in the meantime a different broker which has this is enjoying my commissions.