Range Filter

Dear all, do we know if there are any Tradovate alternatives to this TradingView indicator called Range Filter? Its source code is open source and is here: https://www.tradingview.com/script/vkyFo1sQ/. Instead of trading using TradingView (to be able to access Range Filter), I would instead try to port it onto Tradovate (the latter comes with much richer trade management features). JavaScript is not my forte; sadly, porting its source code is not as straightforward as I hoped. I am looking at something as basic as showing a Range Filter line on the price chart, without notifications, without any colouring effects.

Thank you,

Hi Bogdan, i will try to convert the range filter part to a Tradovate indicator. Unfortunately i have not a lot free time these days, so it could take some time ! i will post here when it will be ready!

For those that read the thread but have not used Range Filter – it’s a handy tool to trigger positions once (TSI/UO-based) NQ divergences occur on any TF between 1-3m. If anyone has the time and capacity to convert this indicator from TradingView (Pine) to Tradovate (JavaScript), I would be happy to set out how I am taking positions.