Pulse issues/missing features

Everytime I launch the Pulse app, I’m forced to manually swipe away every individual notification I’ve received across every Tradovate platform since the last time the app was used. If I receive 20 price alerts in the Trader app, they’ll be waiting for me to dismiss as soon as I launch Pulse. Kind of annoying.

Also rather annoying is the fact that you can’t seem to disable every little unwanted notification pertaining to the price of the markets being watched or any open positions. The options under Assistant in the settings menu don’t seem to make a difference.

Vibrate on actions and push notifications don’t seem to be working correctly, either. I don’t seem to get any price alerts from within the app unless I set the price alert through a different platform.

Speaking of price alerts, the alert editing process in Pulse is pretty bad. There’s no submenu to edit them directly, so at best, you get a microscopic pale yellow icon that blends in with the white background and you have to zoom as far in as possible in order to hook the icon if you want to modify or delete the alert.

The app is completely devoid of indicators. I don’t know if that’s by design for simplicity’s sake, but it really detracts from the utility of the app altogether.

Dark mode would be a nice addition to the app, as well as a volume histogram on the DOM.

I wanted to like Pulse as a streamlined platform for scalping, but it’s just too stripped down to be of much use in its current state.