Pulse needs lots of work

The app “kicks me out” anytime I go to a different app on my phone. For example, if I quickly switch over to TradingView, you know, to see a real chart with moving averages because the Pulse charts are almost completely useless, even if its for 5 seconds, the Pulse app “kicks me out” and goes to this loading screen for like 10 seconds. When this happens, the chart defaults back to the OHLC style chart, instead of staying on Candles and the specified minutes (which I selected). It makes using the Pulse chart basically impossible if you want to be able to switch to TradingView, check a text message, email, or take a phone call.

Pulse has many advantages over the other Tradovate Mobile App, which is also almost completely useless (but I won’t go into that here), but there are so many basic features lacking in Pulse.

Indicators: at the very least some moving averages. The ability to switch to Candlestick charts and have it actually save that preference instead of it going back to the OHLC chart.

If Pulse wants to “kick me out” every time I go to a different app even for 1 second, thats fine. I can deal with that IF my preferences would stick.

The bracket order feature in Pulse is useless. Its got a pre-defined range…come on.

Thanks for the feedback. We have some additional updates planned and also coming in an update in the next few weeks (including indicators)

I second the BRACKET order feature needs to be as customizable as the desktop/web app. This would be greatly appreciated

You can enable and customize your bracket orders. When looking at a chart, press the hamburger icon located in the top left corner of the application.

You should see this menu:

Touch the More Trade Preferences item to edit the details.

When you place an order, your brackets orders should be applied.