Pre-Scheduled order entries with attached OCO orders

the platform needs an option to enter trades (Buy to Open or Sell to Open) at prescheduled times (e.g. at 11pm I enter the trade details to 1 lot Buy @ Market at 4.45 am) and attach bracketed OCO orders (SL and Target) that have assigned values (in ticks or in $), and which bracket orders can be configured to be auto-converted to Market orders at another specified times (e.g. at 7.29 am).**

Thus BUY/SELL MARKET order from 11pm gets released to the exchange (CME or other) at 4.45am as a parent order, along with 2 “child” attached OCO (trailing SL and Target Limit) orders - which bracketed children in turn are ‘told’ to either execute once they reach their respective targets or they get auto-converted to MARKET order at pre-specified time (e.g. at 6.49 am they need to become MARKET orders if they didn’t hit either SL or TL before).

As to reason why…
I see plenty of evidence that some futures markets - especially T-notes, precious metals and grains experience shenanigans during overnight session. My guess is it’s either somebody at NY Fed’ Markets trading desk, Plunge Protection Team, some trading desk of the bulge bracket bank or maybe algo of a top hedge fund is trying to depress prices from rising too fast. other than the last group, all the other groups would benefit from trying to keep prices artificially depressed of those assets that could prove to population at large than inflation is rising. And we can’t have official data showing that, can we now? :wink:

In any case, WHO is of secondary importance.
Fact is that this creates repeated profiting opportunity - you keep buying at overnight discount and start selling the moment Asian session is in full swing and Europeans are about to join the fun.

We need that functionality, ideally with those pending orders (waiting for the clock to run out) sitting on servers close to exchanges - so that we don’t have to worry about loss of machine power or loss of internet signal - both of which would be bad.

Help me out here, folks and vote this to the feature nr 1 at the top of the ranking and I will - out of gratitude - share 1 specific asset that keeps getting clubbered like a baby seal and then pops up again with over 63% frequency - most nights. That’s almost 2:3 probability of success. Add to that 1.5:1 reward to risk ratio and it should be a money maker. But only once we have pre-scheduled order entry and exits - ideally sitting on servers while we sleep;-)

And OCO orders need to be server side, so that local machine internet disconnet doesn’t impact execution of the bracketed/attached orders.