Potential timeout/disconnect issue on Corn Futures

I’m getting connection interruptions each day on Corn Futures. I can only wager it has to do with situations where tempo dries up and something on Tradovate’s end erroneously believes the connection has timed out or is stale due to the lack of data. I can surmise this by the Tradovate connection being the only variable where this issue occurs. Not a single other established TCP connection is interrupted in those moments. This occurs both in the web client and in Jigsaw. It’s visible in the Tradovate web client as the chart reloads a few times in rapid succession after a brief pause in updates. In Jigsaw the error message provided by the API is as follows:

Trodovate MD connection get transport connection problem. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host. Please disconnect and reconnect the connection.

Sometimes the feed doesn’t get interrupted. Other times the feed does disconnect, causing the OAuth screen to come up for me to login again.

The disconnects are ridiculous. That’s one issue I never had with Rithmic. They always had stable connections.