Tradovate with Jigsaw Connection Issue

Support/Fellow Traders
I am hoping someone could help me out with this issue. I am currently using a tradovate Demo account on a jigsaw licensed Daytrader software.
Whenever i go in to connect a tradovate connection in Jigsaw connection manager, i am getting a connection pending or connection failed error message. I have tried to reboot jigsaw multiple times clearing the error messages, but seems like nothing is working.
Trying to post an image of the error message below.

Appreciate if someone could help out

Same here, it seemed to be working yesterday. Today I am stuck on Pending connection status forever.

We’ve had a couple of reports of this come through and in all cases, it has only been connecting to the simulation environment which has been the issue and all users have been able to log into the simulation environment through Tradovate (web/desktop/mobile) without issue

We would recommend reaching out to Jigsaw support on this.

Same issue. It was working and all of a sudden gone. I’m stuck on pending.

I think jigsaw has remedied this issue but you’ll have to re download and install the latest daytradr version. Fixed it for me.