Asian server node request

Hi Tradovate,

I tried Tradovate data, the data is good, I use Jigsaw Trading connection.

But there is a big problem. Because you don’t have a server in Asia, you are in the US time zone, and your data is often disconnected, unable to connect and cannot be used normally.

I see that you don’t have any servers in Asia whether it’s Live or Demo,I live in China, and there are many people around me who use your data, and they all encounter a problem that is frequently disconnected and cannot be used.

Can I request Tradovate to add a server in Asia? We can pay more for your expenses.

For our scalping traders, we need very low ping, and frequent disconnection in the market is very scary for us.

The 8 traders around us all use jigsaw trading trading platform + Tradovate data,hope you can add a server in Asia to reduce ping for Asian users.

Hope to attract Tradovate attention.

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When you see disconnects with Jigsaw, does Tradovate (either web or desktop) disconnect?

a VPN might solve that issue

Similarly, Tradovate will also disconnect at this time

VPN is a remote access technology,It’s just that the IP jumped outside, but this is actually your IP request data,This problem, if there is no Asian server node, this problem cannot be solved.