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Hi @james_corelli,

As it stands I cannot code Open P&L on the price line, there is simply not enough information available in the isolated Custom Indicators environment. There could be ways to hack it in (using the API), but I cannot endorse those here as they intrinsically break the intention of the Custom Indicators’ isolated environment :confused: Furthermore, should the CI’s isolated environment ever change, it could simply break these hacks, rendering your software and time investment useless.

This is really a Trader App Dev Team feature request at its core. This feature request does already have open tickets, however. I myself have opened a ticket for feature requests involving more API accessibility from Custom Indicator code that would allow for this to be standard. Someday this will be a possibility/standard tool on Trader, but currently we can’t support it with CI’s alone, it would have to be coded to the application itself.

the PNL price is updated on the upper part of the screen – you are saying you cannot attach to a variable or class member be it public or private and attach it to a screen output? Does this mean you cannot access the current price via API? If you can get the current order price – if sold short or buy, if filled or not – then can you not calculate the price locally with a local block of code and update it dpending on the status to order? filled, open or closed?

You can access pretty much anything the Trader application can access via API, but all I’m saying is that it’s not currently possible with Custom Indicators - thar’s not the API, and isn’t powered by the API in any way. CI’s are basically just a drawing layer over the chart data.

I myself have no access to the Trader application proprietary code (only our Trader App dev team does, I’m on dev support). Custom Indicators exist in an isolated environment that behaves as if it were outside of the Trader application, and it is given very limited application data.

Because CI code doesn’t have any access to user data or position data, this makes the task almost impossible. Probably the only way to get it to work in the current environment would be to manually enter your average position each time you open or close a position, but that sounds like more hinderance than help.

There has been some discussion of expanding what is available to CI code to make this a possibility, but there is no timeline for this feature yet.

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Thank you for that. Some things do not make sense to me about your charting platform. We are traders, not coders and I’m old school – I like my charts with features built-in instead of begging for them from the company I trade with or waiting for the community to build one. A pnl price line is on every almost major platform but yours and mt4/mt5. Another exmpple is RTH/ETH, we can do it manualy, yoet you don’t have a feature built-in – its just a matter of switching a time format. Often I wonder if you folks contract out the development to an outside firm that has programmers that do not trade. Your countdown timer is in a place hard to see in a instant and small stuff like that, costs us money. I had to resort to using tradingview, and can’t even do that anymore with closings in seconds vs another broker closing when I hit the x on the proce bar with tradingview. Just frustrating – Im learning how to trade, yes – but when I have fight the very platform i trade with – it’s discouraging.

Ive been using this tool, but after the update it stopped working? It makes me manually go in and change the values for the price anchors. I think this was after the update.

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Yep, I can place the line but not adjust it on the chart. : (

Same for me.

I can draw a line Horizontally but can not scale it up or down