Pitchfork Drawing Tool

Shared a custom Pitchfork drawing tool. The drawing stretches infinitely over a channel between two anchors. The tooltips show the price value where the tooltip for that anchor is positioned. You can customize the colors for each line as well as the anchor color. Here’s a pic of one with some custom coloring:

Here’s a link to the tool:

Thank you for sharing Alexander. I was looking for a pitchfork awhile back. I’ve installed this but can’t find in the list of indicator to use on the chart.

Hi @Gene_Redmon, this is a drawing tool so you select it from the Drawing Tools
section on the chart. When you mouse over the chart it will be on the left hand side in the vertical portion of tooltips.


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Hi Alexander,

For some reason the link doesn’t work. Is this still available? Thanks!


I updated the link on my previous post - try now and please let me know if it still does not work.

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Thanks Alexander! it works!

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