Performance Chart - MAE/MFE

It would be great if you could add Maximum Adverse Excursion and Maximum Favourable Excursion to the performance chart. Im having to use Jigsaw to track this.

I agree please add this feature

I agree i love to see both of these implemented.

You might want to split these into 2 Feature request though so one does not get lost of missed.

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yes please add this feature.

Please add this feature MAE & MFE!

I don’t know why there has to be “demand” in other to add certain important features!! A lot of people won’t take out the time to vote or ask for it!! Simple things like this are deciding factors on whether a customer wants to use your platform or opt for another!!

Pls add this feature!!

I’d like to reopen this issue, please add MAE and MFE. There is interest and it’s not a difficult implementation.

this would be great!

This feature is extremely useful for helping refine strategies and analyzing performance. please add! max drawdowns / runups are already tracked!