Obfuscate option of custom indicator code for Account Holders

Can Tradovate please allow account holders/users the option to obfuscate the code to our proprietary custom indicators, when we want to share it with someone or the community. I contacted B2B dept. of Tradovate and they told me that the “obfuscate” option is only reserved for certain groups and not everyone can use it, even though it exists.
I think anyone with a live funded Tradovate account should be able to share their custom indicators with others, without having to send them the viewable intellectual property (aka code).
Tradovate already has the option to obfuscate the code for the custom indicators, so not sure why they will not allow funded account holders to use this option at their discretion.
Please update this option. Thanks.

Hi @biggy8133,

We have always taken an open-source-first approach to custom indicators. The custom indicator module was designed to be a community driven entity, free for anyone to use and modify. Currently, we are reserving the obfuscation entitlement to select partners. However we are actively monitoring demand for this feature, so there is a possibility that it becomes more accessible in the future.

Thanks for the reply @Alexander. I understand what you mean and I am all for sharing indicators with each other, but that is different than actually sharing the intellectual property/code of the program. If someone makes a cool indicator that the community can use for free, then we should all be happy with that, and the creator should not be forced to submit their intellectual property.

It’s like when you visit the Coca Cola factory, you can drink as much soda as you like, but it doesn’t mean that they will give you the recipe when you are walking out the door. lol
Hopefully Tradovate will come around and release the obfuscation option for all live account holders, and therefore we can share more indicators with each other and actually use the indicator instead of giving away the entire code.

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