Custom Proprietary Indicators

I see this was included in the latest update:

" * Added: Custom Indicators. To support partners’ requests we’ve introduced support for email entitlements for custom indicators. Using the entitlement system, partners can now control access to who can view/use their proprietary indicators on the Tradovate platform."

Can anyone at Tradovate please detail the vetting process for such vendors?

What will happen to the current community indicators?

IMHO - This will open up a floodgate of charlatans selling their indicators, which most of the time is a moving average crossover/crossunder signal or RSI ob/os signal.


Access to this functionality is controlled by Tradovate through a backend configuration on a user. Access is configured only for those partners who work through our Business Development team. Current community indicators and any indicators contributed by members who have not worked through our Business Development team will continue to be public access

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