Measuring Tool or Ruler

Could you please make a drawing tool that can measure price. Where you can select a price point say the top of one candle and drag the curser to the low of another candle and it would tell you how many points the market moved in that swing. It could be something added to the trend line tool.

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If you hold the “Shift” key while hovering over a “drawing tool” you will get the stats of that tools measurements.


Thanks I will try that.

Is there a way to toggle the stats to stay on? Otherwise, you have to constantly press shift?

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Not that i know of, i think it is a toggle function built into the chart itself.

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Certainly might be nice to have an toggle so that a screenshot can be taken with multiple objects showing their values. Perhaps shift can toggle it on and then a pin can show up. If clicked, the pin will make the text permanent and offer an x to unpin later if desired…

And/Or a checkbox inside the dialog properties for show values…

I would also like to see the dialog properties as an optional window that can be pinned in one of the chart areas and thereby clicking between drawing objects, the dialog is always available to edit the properties/text/settings. That way, there is no need to double click on an object. Simply select it and your properties can be edited in one of the tabs you choose on your chart workspace.