Hotkey for Drawing Tools

Hi All!

I’m wondering when we can have the ability to use hotkeys for drawing tools added from the community indicators. I know right now, hotkeys are only working for default drawing tools. Can we please have the ability to use hotkeys for community drawing tools that we’ve downloaded as well??

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I respect that everyone has his/her right to work the strategy whichever way, but I must tell you, if you use more than 1 drawing tool something may be WRONG with your strategy. I don’t know any pro successful traders who draw anything other than may be a zone/line. What Im sayin is that I’ve gone through all the stages of excessive drawings and indicators, and at the end of the road my charts have minimal indicators, no drawings… If I am out of place, forgive me…

Hey Ron,

Thanks for your input. I agree with you, however, there’s a community indicator for trendlines/pricezones, which help with drawing trends, and it works better than the default trendline tool in my opinion. That is the main reason I’m asking. It would just be 10x easier to have a hotkey for that.

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@BWeis, could this be made possible? besides this, tradovate has been amazing. I just tried NT8, and i absolutely hate it compared to tradovate lol