Measuring/Bounding Box

I’d like a tool that would allow me to click and drag out a bounding/selection box that measures and gives data for the selection like points/ticks, time, profit/loss. Basically the same data that’s given below, however activated more easily by right click dragging out a selection. Basically, I want a really quick way of measuring out these values without having to draw a line - just click and drag a bounding box that auto displays the deltas.

Still find myself wanting a very quick way to measure changes price/time like this. Drawing out a line and then shift-clicking is cumbersome. Instead, I’d like to shift-click and drag on the chart to draw the bounding box that displays the data.

I’m pretty sure it’s a standard feature of other platforms. Maybe I’m missing it here somewhere?

Hello @Geoffrey,

Try to start drawing a line while pressing ‘Shift’ and details will be displayed between the two points. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply Alexander. But, the screen shot I included was exactly the same as your suggestion.

Instead, I was thinking that the mouse mode would switch to a bounding/measuring box by clicking shift (or whatever). Something super quick, easy, and temporary.