Line drawing quirks. Create and delete

Two things I have noticed about drawing simple lines on a chart.

  1. Creating new lines.
    a. Click line tool
    b. Left click starting point.
    c. Start moving the line around, but change my mind and would like to cancel.
    d. I would expect clicking Esc would cancel the current line in progress.
    e. Instead I have to go through with completing drawing the line, then double click and choose Remove.

(Sometimes traders like to draw trendlines etc just to get a quick visual, but don’t want the line on the chart permanently)

  1. Deleting a line.
    I would like to just select the line with my mouse and hit the Del key to delete.
    Instead I have to double-click and choose Remove.
    This seems like too many unnecessary steps.

Thank you.

Very good suggestions. More hot/ key-based operations for drawing and indicators would save a lot of mouse back-and-forth.

Agree with both suggestions. Right mouse click functionality throughout Tradovate would be awesome

This function will be available in Charts (beta) in our next release