Duplicating Lines in the Drawing Tools

If I have a support or resistance line drawn, it would be useful to duplicate it. In TradingView, Investing.com, Power Etrade, RealTick, and eSignal, you just need to hold the Ctrl key and then click and drag the line. You will get an identical copy. For example, if I draw a major support line, but then decide to create minor support lines. It would be easier to just copy what already exists. The larger idea here is more direct, efficient, and manageable drawing tools; For now, easily duplicating a line would be a good start.

Control+double click on the drawing tool should make a copy. Let us know if you have any further questions

Fantastic! You guys work quick.

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Wish i would have know this months ago, i have been cursing when having to make a new drawing every time through the menus.