Margin Requirements through API

Hi fellow programmers and Tradovate development team,

I am developing a script for trading futures and as one of the steps I require to read initial margins and overnight margins at the time for such securities. I could receive initial margins from productMarginItems and productMarginDeps using product id for my contract. However, I did not receive any response using contractID for my contract in contractMarginItems or contractMarginDeps. Is this possible?

Additionally, I did not receive overnight margin requirements in these requests. Where can I get overnight margins at that time?

You can use this endpoint:

Except replace ES with whatever product you want stats for.

There is one thing to know about this endpoint - you don’t need to (and cannot) send the access token in your header to this endpoint. If you do it won’t work. It is still technically undocumented, but is now OK for API users to call it. Note the other slight difference from the usual base URL, it doesn’t have an interstitial /v1 section.